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There exists a clandestine force known as the Barbie Liberation Organization (B.L.O.); operating under the radar, their members share a common commitment to challenging malign systems.

Through subtle acts of subversion, the B.L.O. endeavors to redefine cultural boundaries and empower individuals. 

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This document holds vital intelligence of utmost importance.

Exercise discretion and proceed with caution.

Eat after reading.



Barbie Liberation Organization (B.L.O.) - Historical Briefing


The Barbie Liberation Organization (B.L.O.), an elusive cadre of renegade operatives, rose to prominence in 1993. This shadowy collective of creative mercenaries-turned-activists orchestrated a covert campaign of cultural insurgency.


The B.L.O.'s mission was twofold: to challenge deeply ingrained gender stereotypes and expose the insidious influence of consumerism. Leveraging their expertise in surgical precision and subterfuge, they executed an audacious intervention involving the intricate swapping of voice boxes in G.I. Joe and Barbie dolls.


Utilizing their underground network, the B.L.O. infiltrated retail establishments, deftly manipulating the voice boxes within these iconic playthings. Teen Talk Barbies now uttered phrases like “Vengeance is mine," meanwhile G.I. Joes began making declarations such as “The beach is the place for summer!"


The B.L.O.'s actions reverberated through the cultural stratosphere, sparking both fascination and alarm. Widespread media coverage followed with the manufacturers, Hasbro and Mattel, left in a state of disarray and public opinion divided.


This classified briefing sheds light on the enigmatic Barbie Liberation Organization and their notorious historical foray into cultural warfare.

Remain vigilant, as recent intelligence reports suggest the group may have become active once more.

** Access limited to authorized personnel **

[End of Document]

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The 1993 Barbie Liberation

The Barbie Liberation Organization took action in 1993, conducting operations on revolutionary Teen Talk Barbies, switching their voice boxes with consenting G.I. Joe donors.

The following video details the announcement the underground team of guerrilla Barbies released to the world.

B.L.O. Video Press Release Dec 22 1993

B.L.O. Video Press Release Dec 22 1993

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Operation NewSpeak



CCTV surveillance video screengrab covert operative buying Teen Talk Barbie

Covert B.L.O. operatives carry out acquisition missions, purchasing numerous Barbie, G.I. Joe, and other assorted sound-producing action toys from stores throughout the United States of America.