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Phoebe Plummer

Phoebe Plummer


Guerrilla Gluer!

Phoebe Plummer

Do you ever feel ignored? Phoebe Plummer felt that the world was ignoring the environmental cost of oil, so they threw soup on a famous painting and glued themself to the museum wall. That got their attention!

Phoebe Plummer

unique mushrooms!

Phoebe Plummer

and accessories!



    • U-Lock for Their Neck
    • Orange High-Vis Vest
    • Can of Campbell's Soup
    • Super Glue
    • Van Gogh's “Sunflowers”
    • Pink Wrist Cuffs
    • Newspaper
Phoebe Plummer


Guerrilla Gluer!


Barbie® wears a “Just Stop Oil” T-shirt and day-glo vest with a U-lock (universal neck-sized to work with any Barbie®), soup can, Van Gogh painting, and real super glue.
They get the world’s attention on climate issues by throwing soup on the glass covering a priceless painting!

Phoebe Plummer

Phoebe Plummer

Phoebe Plummer has options: they can glue or lock themself to anything. And when that doesn’t work, there’s soup!

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Phoebe Plummer

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EcoWarrior Barbie

Phoebe Plummer

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